FREE electricity monitors to borrow

Would you like to check how much electricity you use, as you are using it? Would you like to see just how much power your hob and boiler are burning, or how much that light that gets left on actually wastes? Bristol City Council libraries have a scheme that lets you borrow an electricity monitor like this one here free for a month at a time. Most libraries have one to lend, but they are very popular and unfortunately can’t be reserved. BCC have very kindly agreed to increase the number of monitors to 10 at Cheltenham Road Library, and 5 at St Pauls library, so it should be much easier to get your hands on one. These extra monitors will be available in the libraries from early next week. Transition Montpelier have recently been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to assess the energy efficiency of the housing stock in Montpelier. As part of this, we will be running an energy festival, to help you understand how you can save money on your bills with everything from free draughtproofing measures, to loft and wall insulation, and solar thermal, PV and biomass boilers.

We will be demonstrating various ecogadgets at this event, and as a happy result, are able to donate a number of single socket electricity monitors (like this one here) to Cheltenham Road and St Pauls libraries too. These will be available to borrow under the same scheme, and will be in the libraries in the next couple of weeks. Both these types of monitors are FREE to borrow. If you are not already a library member, you will need to join, so please remember to take proof of address (eg utility bill, bank statement) with you.

The truth is that it is very much alive and kicking and at current FIT rates will provide in excess of a 12% return on investment on a south facing unshaded roof. However don’t hang around for too long as the FIT will be changed again from July 1st. OK you will have to have an EPC rating and achieve a ‘D’ but this will normally be paid for by your PV installer. Anyway its a good thing to do so that you can also look into your other options, such as a gas condensing boiler, heating controls and insulation measures. Jon Walker, 1 World Solar, 35 Cobourg Road, Montpelier.