Petition – Bristol: The City That Said No to Advertising

Please see below for a petition you might consider signing:
“Dear Bristolians,
In an increasingly commercialized world people should have the freedom to choose when they are exposed to advertising. In public spaces we should be free from private and commercial interest but instead we are bombarded with messages that encourage us to run ever faster on the treadmill of modern consumer life with damaging consequences.
The removal of advertising in public spaces, such as billboards, would free us in our outdoor environment from the pressure to consume and allow us to appreciate previously obscured parts of our city. Any remaining empty spaces can be filled with art, poetry and inspiring social campaigns (e.g. volunteering, encouraging recycling). 
Be part of Bristol: The City That Said No to Advertising and sign the ePetition calling for a ban on outdoor advertising. Six Bristol City Councillors already have!
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Please forward this as widely as possible to anyone who lives, works or studies in Bristol – this is the key to success!
Many Thanks,
Bristol: The City That Said No to Advertising”

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