What could you do to make your home warmer?

As part of our LEAF project, Transition Montpelier commissioned Shine to conduct one hundred Energy Performance Certificates, and Parity Projects to conduct four in-depth energy surveys on typical Montpelier properties.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills?  One hundred homes in Montpelier received an EPC report from Rob Daniel of Shine Energy Services; he tells us what he learned about Montpelier:

We also commissioned Parity Projects to conduct Home Energy Masterplan surveys on four Montpelier properties – two in Upper Montpelier and two in Lower Montpelier.

Whether you you’re planning a refurbishment project, want to understand the steps you can take to reduce your home’s impacts on the environment, or simply want a house that is warmer and cheaper to run, a survey provides very detailed, individually tailored advice on the steps you can take.  It takes into account a property’s physical aspects, and also the way it is used and any plans for improvement. Reports cover everything from insulation and efficient heating, through to lifestyle changes, appliance use and the potential to harness renewable energy.  There are many different providers of depth energy surveys, and each offers slightly different things.

Measures recommended for properties in Montpelier range from the installation of central heating thermostats and the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in the low-cost / ‘No Brainer’ category, through to solid wall installation and solar PV costing several thousand pounds in the ‘Green Halo + PV’ category.

With agreement from the Montpelier residents we visited, we’re able to make the in depth reports available for everyone to read. To find out more, choose which property is most similar to your own home and click on the link below.

2 Storey Victorian Terrace with Loft Conversion – Lower Montpelier

3 Storey Victorian Terrace – Lower Montpelier

3 Storey Georgian Terrace – Upper Montpelier

3 Storey Victorian End Terrace – Upper Montpelier

We also talked to Hamish Cormack of The Positive Choice who carried out the surveys on behalf of Parity.  Take a look at the short videos which complement the surveys and highlight some key considerations for home energy efficiency.

Victorian Terrace with Loft Conversion, Lower Montpelier

Victorian Terrace, Lower Montpelier

Georgian Terrace, Upper Montpelier

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