Workshops at the Home Energy Fair: sign up here

The Home Energy Fair will have free talks, activities, giveaways and a number of limited-space workshops. Sign up for the workshops by emailing; space may not be available on the day.


CSE’s (The Centre for Sustainable Energy) is a national charity that helps people change the way they think and act on energy. CSE are running a hands on draught proofing workshop which provides information on the main techniques and materials to use to draught proof their homes. Whether your a home owner or a renter come along and learn about ways to keep you, your friends and your family warm. Sign up if you would like to join in:


MakeyourhomeEco, a local community energy initiative, are offering The Ins and Outs of Home Insulation, with a wide range of samples to compare and contrast.


Can Ecogadgets help you save carbon and money at home? MakeyourhomeEco are also offering a rummage through a selection of gadgets to explore which ones are worth it for the way you live.  Sign up for more info on either:


Do you want to persuade your landlord or housing association to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and cut your energy bills?  This group is aimed at getting a project started.  There are grants and tax breaks available to landlords, and some research on the benefits of energy efficiency work for landlords. There are landlords willing to do things, but without the time to find out how.  There are grants out there that we could get to help subsidise some work. Could we pull something together to help make rented homes in Montpelier more energy efficient?  Sign up for more info:


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