Help save energy across Montpelier


If you live in Montpelier, we need you to please complete this quick survey before March 5th.  It will take less than 5 minutes, and really will make a huge difference to your neighbourhood.

Your help is really appreciated, and your data will be kept secure and private.   We need data on rented and owned, flats and houses, leaky and snug.   Thanks to the LEAF grant, we’re working with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to map the whole community’s energy saving potential and make recommendations that are relevant to everyone.  We’ll produce a report with clear analysis, which will enable us to apply for further grants; for example, to pay for energy efficiency or energy generation work in local homes.

It will also help us figure out if you might be eligible for grants NOW to help pay for energy efficiency work (eg insulation).

We’ll be presenting these results at a community event around the end of March (date TBC). There will be workshops with local contractors on insulation, draught proofing, secondary glazing and the like, as well as delicious FREE refreshments, local entertainment and some juicy energy-efficiency giveaways.  A chance to find out how to make your homes warmer and more efficient, grab some grub and have a blether.


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