Picton Square gets a tree

Picton Square, outside Bell’s diner, is to get a tree planted this winter.

The council’s TreeBristol team are planning to use money from the new extension on Colston’s Girls School to fund the (very pricey) planting.  It will be 3-4m high, and placed in an excavated, lined tree pit.  The exact species hasn’t been decided yet, and near neighbours will be closely consulted on the choice from a shortlist they are drawing up.  They will be taking into account the relative narrowness of the site, and the need to maintain clear sightlines for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

This will be the first of the Montpelier tree sites we campaigned for to happen, so huge thanks once again to everyone who filled in the questionnaire in March.  (The results, though very late, are here).  Either Cobourg Road or Rosa Parks Lane will also go ahead this winter, and we’re waiting to hear about funding for the other sites too.  Fingers crossed!

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