£39,000 for saving energy in Montpelier!

And even if you aren’t lucky enough to win a free audit, your neighbour may have. We will be able to match your home with a very similar one that has had one, so you can learn from their advice too. The Centre for Sustainable Energy will use the results to produce a full report on the potential for both energy saving and renewable energy generation in Montpelier. This could be the start of a Montpelier Community Energy Company, seeing us generating our own heat and power and sharing it with each other. Once the audits are done, we’ll publicise the results at a big event in March (details tbc). You’ll be able to meet neighbours who want to make the same home improvements as you, and form DIY workteams to work together, or club together to get group discounts from local contractors. We’re also running a workshop for local contractors to help them identify where they could be working ‘greener’.

Bristol City Council’s TreeBristol department have surveyed Picton Square and now know that it’s possible to dig a big tree pit, line it to stop the roots spreading, and plant a medium-sized tree.They are consulting with residents on their preferred species. If you’d like to let them know your views, read about the local planting schemes here, and the tree choices here.This is good news Shiona. I have also heard that there is space for a tree on Hurlingham Road between gas and water mains, as part of the closure plans.We’ll be presenting these results at a community event around the end of March (date TBC). There will be workshops with local contractors on insulation, draught proofing, secondary glazing and the like, as well as delicious FREE refreshments, local entertainment and some juicy energy-efficiency giveaways. A chance to find out how to make your homes warmer and more efficient, grab some grub and have a blether.

This is an idea Charlotte from York Road spotted in London, and we think it could work very well in Montpelier. If you have any space at the front of your house, this could be for you*. It involves a free planter bag, filled with free compost, and free seeds, collected from a neighbour’s house (or brought straight to you if you would have difficulty with this). The bags are made of very strong ‘dumpy bag’ plastic, last at least 3 growing seasons, and have worked very well with runner beans, courgettes, sweetcorn and squashes. On their own, the bags aren’t particularly pretty, but they make a massive community statement if you walk down an entire street with almost every house using one and getting edible front gardens established. They’re also free!

Your help is really appreciated, and your data will be kept secure and private. We need data on rented and owned, flats and houses, leaky and snug. Thanks to the LEAF grant, we’re working with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to map the whole community’s energy saving potential and make recommendations that are relevant to everyone. We’ll produce a report with clear analysis, which will enable us to apply for further grants; for example, to pay for energy efficiency or energy generation work in local homes. If you live in Montpelier, we need you to please complete this quick survey before March 5th. It will take less than 5 minutes, and really will make a huge difference to your neighbourhood.

Green energy and climate change

Every now and then you will hear a few words about climate change, how in hundred years the sea level will increase and how everything will be different. And you think well, hundred years, there is nothing we can do today to change it, because things are just going to become worse. That is so horribly false and there are no words to explain it. Climate change is a process that is happening for already quite some time. From the period of industrialization the emissions were drastically increased and the nature started responding.

Today we mostly burn things to get energy, heat or to generate power, but that is the least efficient and good way we could do that. This is also the least green way one could imagine and it should be referred to as black energy. Even escorts know about climate change and they do things about it, just as we should. Those beautiful ladies known as London escorts are giving good examples to the whole humanity, but they do much more, they can be great company and make someone's day much brighter.

But what can we do?

A whole bunch of steps can be made so that we get our emissions smaller and our energy greener. First of all we must think about our whole understanding of power, its usage and production. People need to be disallowed to use more than a certain amount of it, and if they use it more, then the price should get up. After doing these measures, the way of making it needs to be changed, big thermal power plants which use coal and burning processes should be closed. New, green and renewable, sources need to be built and put to use. Solar, wind and water energy are the biggest of such sources which do almost none emissions and can be used over and over again.

These new ways of getting power can open thousands of new working places, and at the same time they can save millions of lives. Not only human ones, but also animals and plants, which are the two groups that suffer the most. Changes are unavoidable, the type of which we choose, so let's make good decisions and lead our planet into a brighter future. We should let London escorts take us on such a journey, even though it has nothing to do with energy, they will make our future much more interesting and enjoyable. Those escorts from https://www.eros.com enjoy doing it and once you get to see what they can do for you, you will want one with you every day, to follow and be with you.

Money should not be a problem in all this, because it is already being invested in so many related things. To just turn it into another side and spend it on building new sources and plants would make it possible to keep the world as beautiful as it is today. This way we could, in a hundred years, have a much cleaner and safer environment and hope we are not the ones who will destroy the world and bring it to chaos.


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